For Health information and advice regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or in case of signs of respiratory infection (fever or feeling of fever, cough, difficulty breathing) please contact: “Estijaba” service at the operation centre - Department of Health at: 800-1717, Ministry of Health & Prevention at: 800-11111 , Dubai Health Authority at 800-342 .

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  • Very helpful. I don't have to worry about waiting in lines or making phone calls for appointments. The doctor reviews and feedback also helps in finding the right doctor.

    Tabiib Sara, Dubai
  • Very easy to book and reschedule appointments and maintain history. The notifications are also great at reminding you of upcoming appointments.

    TabiibZehra, Bahrain
  • Using TABIIB has made managing our practice simpler. The dashboard and the interface have helped us keep track of all our doctors and their appointments as well as the patient schedules.

    Tabiib Medicare Clinic, Khobar

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