TABIIB is the one place where patients can find doctors of various specialties across locations. Listing doctors on the app and website ensure that patients can easily look up and book the right doctor instantly without any hassles of manual appointments.

Manual appointments could be stressful and time-consuming. Booking an online appointment with TABIIB does not give you a special appointment or a better chance at an appointment. However, it makes appointments easy and gives live updates on the queue status.

When a TABIIB appointment is confirmed, you will get an appointment ID that is available in your profile under the bookings section. You should show this to the receptionist or the doctor's assistant.

Doctor on TABIIB updated their schedules across clinics. Patients can physically meet the doctors during these working hours only.

No. TABIIB only helps patients book an online appointment easily. Patients will have to see the doctor in person only. There are no online consultations available.

TABIIB helps you find the right doctor instantly. To get started, register with TABIIB, find the doctor by looking up the specialisation and location settings. Then, book an online appointment and pay the doctor in person. As per the appointment, you can track your queue status and consult with the doctor.

TABIIB helps you book a hassle-free appointment. Once your appointment is confirmed, you can pay the doctor in person at the clinic when you go for consultation.

TABIIB sends an SMS and notification alert 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to inform the patient about the appointment. If the patient misses an appointment, TABIIB waits for 30 minutes for the patient to come to the clinic. After that, TABIIB auto-cancels the appointment.

TABIIB with its technology helps patients book an online appointment. However, there may be rare instances when a doctor may have an emergency case and will be required to attend to that. This could mean that in spite of a confirmed appointment, a patient may be required to wait. Please note that situations like these are not under TABIIB's control.

TABIIB instantly connects patients and healthcare providers on the same platform. With its advanced settings of location and specialization, patients can easily find healthcare providers nearest to them. TABIIB does away with queues and helps patients book online appointments.

TABIIB ensures that customers find instant resolutions to their queries. To achieve this, TABIIB has a dedicated call center support, phone calling, and email support. There are also videos that help customers understand how to use the services under the application.

TABIIB offers a free trial period to healthcare providers for 3 months or 90 days. After this, customers can choose a subscription pack of their choice.